Council approval is required before work can commence on any of the following:

A fence or retaining wall that fits any of these descriptions will require Development Approval. This means a development application must be lodged with Council;

Also any fence which is in contravention with the Land Management Agreement attached to the Land’s Certificate of Title requires Council approval. (See below for information)

Structural requirements

The design of fences and retaining walls that require development approval will need to be reviewed by Council to ensure that they are structurally adequate. Details of the materials to be used and the footings will be required. Council may also request that you provide an engineering report certifying that the design and footings are adequate.

Legal requirements

When erecting a dividing fence along a common boundary, neighbours should reach agreement in writing prior to its construction. The Legal Services Commission of South Australia provides legal advice on fences and has produced a booklet Fences and the law, which can be obtained on-line at www.lsc.sa.gov.au. www.lsc.sa.gov.au/resources/Fences_and_the_law_Sep14_wc.pdf 

This website provides answers to common questions about fences and explains the legal procedures you need to follow to erect a fence.

If you require your neighbours contact information please complete the following form and return it to the District Council of Streaky Bay. DCSB-13 Form 11.

It is advisable to have a survey of your site boundaries undertaken prior to the construction of any fence to ensure that the correct alignment is followed.

It should be noted that Council is not the relevant body for civil disputes over the nature or location of boundary fences. In such instances it is recommended that the parties contact the Legal Services Commission on 1300 366 424 or the Community Mediation Service on (08) 8350 0376.

Land Management Agreements

Additional design criteria for fencing and retaining walls are often located within Land Management Agreements. Within the District Council of Streaky Land Management Agreements which have fencing and retaining wall requirements are as follows.


Only enables a wire and post fence of 1 metre in height, with a minimum distance of 100 millimeters between any two strands of wire either horizontally or vertically, OR a timber post and single timber rail fence of a maximum height of 1 metre, with a maximum diameter of each post being no greater than 100 millimetres and the maximum width or breadth of each rail being no greater than 100 millimeters (being through which material can move with ease).

Redlyn Court (Flinders Drive)

Fences are to be constructed of materials and colours which integrate with the dwelling. No second hand materials will be used for construction.

Perlubie Landing

All boundary fencing erected will be post and wire fencing

Blancheport Estate and Blancheport Rise

Blancheport Heights

Woodlawn Estate

Allotments can have agriculture style fences consisting of post, wire and “Ringlock” fencing with a minimum height of 1.2 metres.

Edgewater Close (5 Flinders Drive)

Clearwater Cove (Clause 7)

All external boundary fencing shall be constructed in the following manner unless otherwise approved by the Council;

7.1  The maximum height of any fence shall be 1.8 metres (subject to clause 7.3).

7.2  Subject to clause 7.3, the minimum height of any fence shall be 1.5 mertes.

7.3  The maximum height of any fence between the boundary of Allotments 1 to 13 inclusive and Allotment 83 Reserve shall be 1.0 metres

7.4  The minimum requirement for fencing shall consist of colorbond metal material; other materials may be acceptable.

7.5  All fencing shall be capped (of the same colour and material as the fencing)

7.6  For colorbond fencing the following shall apply

7.6.1      A metal post shall be placed at three metre intervals and each post shall be fitted with a metal cap;

7.6.2      All fences shall have a minimum of two metal horizontal rails

7.6.3      The fixture of cladding, posts and rails shall be as specified by the Council.

7.7  Galvanised or Zincalume sheeting is not suitable.

7.8  Retaining walls are to be constructed of steel “I” beam posts and sandstone coloured concrete sleepers, subject to Council approval and requirements.

7.9  Retaining walls for Allotments 4-13 inclusive and Allotments 14-37 are to be erected by the Owner, as the developed, subject to council approval and requirements.

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