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Rural Property Addressing

Rural Property Addressing is a joint state and local government initiative aimed to provide all occupied rural properties in South Australia - home and business - with a nationally consistent numbered address.

This initiative provided a distance-based road number (based on the national standard) for the road access point to occupied properties that will assist emergency services and other service providers to find homes and businesses in regional South Australia with certainty, quickly and easily.

A rural property address consists of the distance based road number, road name, locality and postcode.

Further information can be obtained at

All property addresses have been installed.  If your property was missed or you are building a new home you can download and complete form DCSB 13 Form 12 (Request for Rural Property Address) and return to the Council Office.

Please contact Councils Rates Officer on (08) 8626 1001 if you have any further enquiries. 

Upon completion of the initial signage installation any future maintenance or replacement will become the responsibility of the landowner.


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