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Freedom of Information

This Information Statement is published by the District Council of Streaky Bay in accordance with the requirements of Section 65 of the Local Government Act, 1934 as amended.

The District Council of Streaky Bay is pleased to comply with the legislation and welcomes enquires.

An updated Information Statement will be published at least every twelve (12) months.


1.1 Full Council

Full Council, consisting of two wards each with four Councillors from which a Mayor is elected, is the decision making body on all policy matters.

Ordinary Meetings of the full Council are held on the third Thursday of every month at 10.00am and 4.00pm alternatively and members of the public are welcome to attend.

1.2 Committees

Committees have been formed to discuss/administer Council and Community business. These Committees meet as required. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

The Council Assessment Panel Meetings are held when required.

The Committees are as follows:

Section 41 Committees:

  • Chief Executive Officer's Performance Development Review Committee
  • Community and Economic Development Committee
  • Finance & Risk Audit Committee
  • Waste Management Committee
  • Strategic Planning Policy Committee

Committees with Council Representatives

  • Australia Award Selection
  • Council Assessment Panel
  • District Council of Streaky Bay Youth Advisory Committee
  • Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association
  • Eyre Peninsula Water Security Refrence Group
  • Jetty Pool Working Group
  • Miltaburra Area School Governing Council
  • Regional Development Board Whyalla & Eyre Peninsula Inc
  • Streaky Bay and District Road Safety Group
  • Streaky Bay Medical Clinic Incorporated
  • Streaky Bay Community School Library Board of Management
  • Sceale Bay Hospital Advisory Committee
  • Streaky Bay Senior Citizens Homes Committee
  • Streaky Bay Tourist Promotions Committee
  • Wild Eyre Project and Linking the Chain of Bays Project

Register of Committees of Council

  • Emergency Planning & Control Committee
  • Safety & Risk ReviewHealth & Safety Committee

1.3 Agendas and Minutes

Agendas of all full Council and Committees are placed on public display no less than three days prior to those meetings. Minutes are placed on display within five days of the meeting. Public display includes hard copies of the Council Office and access on Council's Website.  

1.4 Advisory Committee

Advisory Committees comprising elected members, staff and the public have been established to investigate particular issues. Currently they are:

  • Streaky Bay Airport Management Committee
  • Streaky Bay & District Bushfire Prevention Committee

The minutes of the meetings are included in the agendas for the meetings of the full Council.

1.5 Delegations

The Chief Executive Officer and other officers have delegated authority from Council to make decisions on a number of specified administrative and policy matters. These are in keeping with the legislative requirement:

  • To determine policies to be applied by the Council in exercising its discretion and powers;
  • To determine the type, range and scope of projects to be undertaken by the Council; and
  • To develop comprehensive management plans, budgets, financial controls and performance objectives and indicators for the operation of the Council.

The Council makes decisions which direct and/or determine its activities and functions. Such decisions include the approval of works and services to be undertaken and the resources which are to be made available to undertake such works and services.

Decisions are also made to determine whether or not approvals are to be granted for applications from residents for various forms of development.


Full Council makes decisions on policy issues relating to services that are provided from members of the public.

Aged Care
Bicycle Track
Boat Ramps
Clean Air Control
Community Halls & Centres
Community Libraries
Dog Control
Environmental Health Matters
Foreshore Facilities
Immunisation Programs
Parking Bays
Parks and Reserves
Parking Control
Planning Controls
Playground Equipment
Public Cemeteries
Public Toilets
Public Seating
Recreatonal/Sporting Facilities
Refuse Collection/Litter Bins
Refuse Depots
Stormwater Drainage
Street Closures
Street Lighting
Street Tree Planting
Traffic Control Devices
War Memorials


3.1 Council Meetings

Members of the Public have a number of opportunities to put forward their views on particular issues before Council. These are:

  • Deputations - with the permission of the Mayor, a member of the public can address a Committee of the Council personally or on behalf of a group of residents.
  • Presentations to Council - with prior notification and arrangement with the Mayor, a member of the public can address the Council on any issues within Council's jurisdiction.
  • Petitions - written petitions can be addressed to the Council on any issue within Council's jurisdiction.
  • Written Requests - a member of the public can write to the Council on any council policy, activity or service.
  • Elected Members - members of the public can contact their elected members of Council to discuss any issue relevant to Council.

3.2 Community Consultation

The District Council of Streaky Bay consults with local residents on particular issues that affect their neighbourhood. Note: below are examples only:

  • Change a name of the Principal Member of Council from Chairman to Mayor.
  • Meeting of Electors - All residents and electors are eligible to attend meetings to decide leasing arrangements for Council reserves by local community groups.
  • Ward Forums - Forums are held to allow residents to voice their views on any issues affecting their ward and the district.
  • Residents are notified of some Development Applications requiring the approval of Council. A number of applications are exempted from Public Notification by the Planning Act. When an application is publicily notified, residents have the opportunity both to write to Council expressing their view before decision is made.


4.1 Documents Available for Inspection

The following documents are available for public inspection at the Council Office, free of charge. Members of the public may purchase copies of these documents.

4.2 Other Information Request

Request for other information not included in Clause 4.1 will be considered in accordance with the Freedom of Information provisions of the Local Government Act. Under the legislation, an application fee and search fee must be forwarded with the completed request form as provided by the Regulation No. 275 of 1991, unless the application is granted an exemption. To download FOI request for Access form please click here.

Should the applicant require copies of any documents inspected pursuant to a Freedom of Information request, the charges set out in Clause 4.1 will apply.

Freedom of Information Forms should be address to:

PO BOX 179

Forms are available at the Council Office.

Applications will be responded to as soon as possible within the statutory thirty (30) days of Council receiving the properly completed Freedom of Information request form, together with the application and search fees.

To download a copy of the Freedom of Information (Fees and Charges) Variation Regulation please click here.


A member of the public may gain access to council documents to make amendments concerning their personal affairs by making a request under the Local Government Act.

A member of the public may then request a correction to any information about themselves that is incomplete, incorrect, misleading or out of date.

Chief Executive Officer

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